1) What is one of the advantages of using nonlinear programming? 2) Which of the followings are examples of a nonlinear function? a. P= 5 X + 7 X2 – 2 X2. b. P= 8 X1 –

Posted: May 12th, 2021

1)      What is one of the advantages of using nonlinear programming?2)      Which of the followings are examples of a nonlinear function?a.            P= 5 X +  7 X2 – 2 X2.b.            P= 8 X1 – 4 X2.c.             P= X1 + 6 X2 + 3 X1*X2.d.            All of the above3)      A separable programming problem is actually a two or more linear programming problems.(T  /  F)4)      A separable programming problem has more than one decision variable (T  /  F)5)      A nonlinear programming problem may have only two local maxima  (T  /  F)6)      Problems with increasing marginal returns are generally easier for Solver to solve than problems with decreasing marginal returns. (T / F)7)      Using the below function, please answer these questions:a.       Number of local minimum(s)b.       Number of global minimum(s)Bonus: (2 points each)1)      The Evolutionary Solver requires that the constraints all be linear.  ( T  /  F ) 2)      We can approximate a nonlinear programming problem by a linear one.  ( T  /  F ) 3)      If the slope of a curve on a profit graph never increases but sometimes decreases as the level of the activity increases, then it is said to have increasing marginal returns.  ( T  /  F )4)      A nonlinear programming problem will have how many local maxima?a.       0b.       1c.       2d.       3It can have any number of local maxima.

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