300-500 words forum question

Posted: May 14th, 2021

the following questions
One of the “5 Being Habits” (Blanchard, et al., 2016) is “The Habit of Maintaining Supportive Relationships” (pp. 115 – 124). 

What do the authors claim are the benefits of adopting this habit?
Discuss how you think this habit would be lived out in someone’s life today based on how the book Lead Like Jesus (Blanchard, et al., 2016) describes this habit.

2. In the book Jesus on Leadership (Wilkes, 1998) the author makes the statement; “You will never become a Servant Leader until you first become servant to the Leader. (p.22-23).” 

Who is the “Leader” Wilkes (1998) is referring to in this statement?
Why is this so hard for people to agree to this idea, and why do you think it is important?

3. As you think about becoming a group member for the rest of the semester in this class: What strengths do you bring to the group as a group member in this class? Explain your answer by giving examples of how you have seen your answer to be true.

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