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Posted: July 5th, 2021

If you have properly completed your SAS project you will upload the following three items: 1. The DOCX file with the original assignment and rubric (all fields completed). 2. The XLSX file you downloaded with the addition of the tab with the Scatterplots on it and the Regression Output tab for the regression of Price with the three independent variables. 3. A PDF file you produce from SAS that shows the output of your final regression (with a higher R2 than we had with the original model). One critical thing to remember – you must correctly categorize your data types. Nominal data goes into the “Classification” variables when building your model, and all numeric data types going into “Continuous”. For the SAS (Critical Thinking) project, I always want to add clarity regarding the output from Excel Regression (see below). The Output gives you what you need to complete the Critical Thinking Project form for the Excel part. You will see below that I highlighted “R” (called Multiple R here and Correlation Coefficient in my slides) in Yellow. R2 is highlighted in Blue (that is the Coefficient of Determination). Remember, if you multiply it by 100, you get the percentage of the change in the Dependent Variable that is explained by the Independent Variable(s) – in this case 92.6%. Finally, you need to know how to build your Regression model from the output below. The formula coefficients are highlighted below in Green. This is the output from the Nodel Construction example you find in the PowerPoint slides for Chapter 4. If Sales is “Y,” Payroll is X1, and Interest Rate is X2, then your Regression model would read as follows: Y = 5.214 – 0.017(X1) – 30.155(X2) Requirements: 300

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