Need help to design and implement code that complies with software security testing protocolsYou work as a developer for a software company Global Rain an engineering company that specializes in custom software design and development for entrepreneurs businesses and government agencies around the world. At your company part of your mission is that “Security is everyone’s responsibility.” At Global Rain you are tasked with working with a client Artemis Financial. Your client is a financial consulting company that develops individualized financial plans for savings retirement investments and insurance for their patrons. As an important step in Artemis Financial’s desire to modernize its operations and as a crucial part of the success of their custom software they want to implement and apply the most current and effective software security. Artemis Financial has a public web interface and is seeking Global Rain’s expertise in taking steps to protect their client data and financial information. Specifically Artemis Financial is seeking to add a file verification step to their web application to ensure secure communications. When the web application is used to transfer data they will need a data verification step in the form of a checksum. You have been asked to take their current software application and add secure communication mechanisms to meet their software security requirements. You will deliver a production quality integrated application that includes secure coding protocols. You are tasked with examining Artemis Financial’s software to address any security vulnerabilities. This will require you to refactor the code base to add functionality to meet software security requirements for Artemis Financial’s application. Specifically you will need to follow the steps outlined below to facilitate your findings address and remedy all areas and document your work in the Practices for Secure Software Report. What if I receive errors or new vulnerabilities?You will need to iterate on your design and refactored code address vulnerabilities and retest until no new vulnerabilities are found.

Posted: December 9th, 2020

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