Buy Drugs Acting on Kidney Discussion

Buy Drugs Acting on Kidney Discussion
Buy Drugs Acting on Kidney Discussion
39.1 Secretion of K in the late distal tubule and collecting
ducts of kidney depends on:
A. Intracellular K content
B. Unabsorbed Na load presented to the distal
C. Aldosterone level
D. All of the above (p. 523)
39.2 Diuretics acting on the ascending limb of loop of
Henle are the most efficacious in promoting salt and
water excretion because:
A. Maximum percentage of salt and water is
reabsorbed in this segment
B. Reabsorptive capacity of the segments distal
to it is limited
C. This segment is highly permeable to both
salt and water
D. This segment is responsible for creating
corticomedullary osmotic gradient
(p. 524)
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Buy Drugs Acting on Kidney Discussion
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Drugs Acting on Kidney
39.1 3 9 . 1 D 39.2 3 9 . 2 B
260 MCQs in Pharmacology 260
39.3 Select the diuretic which is orally active, efficacious
in acidosis as well as alkalosis, causes diuresis even
in renal failure and has additional carbonic anhydrase
inhibitory action:
A. Mannitol
B. Benzthiazide
C. Indapamide
D. Furosemide (p.526)
39.4 Furosemide acts by inhibiting the following in the
renal tubular cell:
A. Na -K -2Cl–
B. Na -Cl–
C. Na -H antiporter
D. Na K ATPase (p. 526)
39.5 The following diuretic abolishes the corticomedullary
osmotic gradient in the kidney:
A. Acetazolamide
B. Furosemide
C. Hydrochlorothiazide
D. Spironolactone (p. 526)
39.6 Intravenous furosemide promptly mitigates dyspnoea
in acute left ventricular failure by:
A. Producing bronchodilatation
B. Causing rapid diuresis and reducing circulating blood volume
C. Increasing venous capacitance and reducing
cardiac preload.
D. Stimulating left ventricular contractility
(p. 526)
39.3 3 9 . 3 D 39.4 3 9 . 4 A 39.5 3 9 . 5 B 39.6 3 9 . 6 C
Drugs Acting on Kidney 261
39.7 Parenteral furosemide is an alternative diuretic to
mannitol in the following condition:
A. Pulmonary edema
B. Cirrhotic edema
C. Cerebral edema
D. Cardiac edema (p. 528)
39.8 Thiazide diuretics and furosemide have directionally
opposite effect on the net renal excretion of the
following substance:
A. Uric acid
B. Calcium
C. Magnesium
D. Bicarbonate (p. 527, 529)
39.9 Select the diuretic which is similar in efficacy and
pattern of electrolyte excretion to furosemide, but is
40 times more potent dose to dose:
A. Piretanide
B. Bumetanide
C. Xipamide
D. Metolazone (p. 527)
39.10 Though ethacrynic acid is also a high ceiling diuretic,
it is practically not used because:
A. It is more ototoxic
B. It causes diarrhoea and gut bleeding
C. Its response increases steeply over a narrow
dose range
D. All of the above (p. 527)
39.11 The Na -Cl– symport in the early distal convoluted
tubule of the kidney is inhibited by:
A. Thiazides
B. Metolazone
C. Xipamide
D. All of the above (p. 528-530)
39.7 3 9 . 7 C 39.8 3 9 . 8 B 39.9 3 9 . 9 B 39.10 3 9 . 1 0 D 39.11 3 9 . 1 1 D
262 MCQs in Pharmacology 262
39.12 The following diuretic reduces positive free water
clearance but does not affect negative free water
A. Hydroflumethiazide
B. Furosemide
C. Ethacrynic acid
D. Mannitol (p. 528)
Buy Drugs Acting on Kidney Discussion
(Note: Furosemide and ethacrynic acid are loop
diuretics which abolish corticomedullary osmotic gradient. Mannitol also dissipates this gradient. All these
diuretics therefore reduce both positive as well as
negative free water clearance.)
39.13 Choose the correct statement about thiazide diuretics:
A. They act in the proximal convoluted tubule
B. They are uricosuric
C. They augment corticomedullary osmotic
D. They induce diuresis in acidosis as well as
alkalosis (p. 528)
39.14 Thiazide diuretics enhance K
elimination in urine
primarily by:
A. Inhibiting proximal tubular K reabsorption
B. Inhibiting Na K -2Cl–
cotransport in the
ascending limb of loop of Henle
C. Increasing the availability of Na in the distal
tubular fluid to exchange with interstitial K
D. Potentiating the action of aldosterone
(p. 528)
39.12 3 9 . 1 2 A 39.13 3 9 . 1 3 D 39.14 3 9 . 1 4 C
Drugs Acting on Kidney 263
39.15 The primary site of action of thiazide diuretics is:
A. Proximal tubule
B. Ascending limb of loop of Henle
C. Cortical diluting segment
D. Collecting ducts (p. 528, 529)
39.16 The most important reason for the thiazides being
only moderately efficacious diuretics is:
A. About 9/10th of glomerular filtrate is
reabsorbed proximal to their site of action
B. Compensatory increase in reabsorption at
sites not affected by these drugs
C. They decrease glomerular filtration
D. They have relatively flat dose response curve
(p. 529)
39.17 Individual drugs of thiazide and related class of
diuretics differ markedly from each other in the
following respect?
A. Diuretic efficacy
B. Diuretic potency
C. Side effects
D. Propensity to cause hyperkalemia
(p. 528-529, 530)
39.18 Combined tablets of thiazide or high ceiling diuretics
with potassium chloride are not recommended
A. Potassium absorbed while diuresis is occurring is largely excreted out
B. Potassium administered concurrently diminishes the diuretic action
C. Potassium chloride in tablet formulation is
likely to cause gut ulceration
D. Both ‘A’ and ‘C’ are correct (p. 531)
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