Posted: July 4th, 2021

You have already conducted some research and completed an outline for your final paper. In this discussion, you will gain a clearer understanding of the various intentional and unintentional forms of academic dishonesty and plagiarism so you can be proactive in demonstrating academic integrity.

Complete the Academic Integrity Interactive (Links to an external site.).

Integrity means demonstrating honesty and consistent adherence to moral and ethical principles and values. Academic integrity means applying this in all of your academic pursuits. Reflect on the various forms of academic dishonesty and plagiarism you have learned about in the Academic Integrity Interactive. Consider what steps you will take in order to ensure that you avoid these pitfalls, whether intentionally or unintentionally, in your scholarly work. What parts of incorporating research have you found most challenging? How will you ensure that you consistently demonstrate integrity in your work? Why is it important to you that you maintain integrity in your work?

Construct a discussion post of at least 300 words, and using specific examples from the interactive,

Describe the parts of incorporating research that you most struggle with (i.e., quotation, paraphrasing, in-text citation, and reference citation).
Explain how you will work to master properly incorporating research, and why this is meaningful to your growth as a student and a professional.
What resources are available to you that you will use to ensure proper incorporation of outside sources?
Why is it important to accurately credit the author(s) of outside sources?
How might proper use of research challenge you to become a better writer?
How will the practice of using outside sources support your original ideas and aid your development as a student?

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