Critical Theorist Paradigm

Posted: April 16th, 2021

Using the feedback from our conference, together with additional thought and research, please produce a fully developed, well researched, and well-written final paper of 8-10 pages. You should imagine that other students are your audience; in other words, don’t write for me—write as if your paper will be added to a textbook for future undergraduates like The Sociology of Harry Potter. Your final paper should include the following:1.A title that gains interest and hints at the paper’s argument.2.An introduction in which you accomplish five things: a)Begin by capturing the reader’s attention. b)Next, set up your topic, giving enough information about your fictional world for the reader to understand your thesis sentence. c)Third, provide your thesis statement. This must take the form of “I will argue that …”d)Fourth, give the “so what” :what are the stakes of your study, and why does this matter?For the purposes of this part(and throughout, really), you may pretend that your fictional world is real. e)Finally, end your introduction by previewing the paper’s structure.3.A well-developed explanation of your sociological approach that draws on at least four sources, at least two of which are peer-reviewed scholarly articles that we did not read for class.4.A well developed discussion of the fictional world of the film/TV show, one that explains it clearly for someone who hasn’t seen it, but that doesn’t get lost in irrelevant details. 5.An analysis of that fictional world that applies sociological theory in clear, correct, and appropriate ways. This should both illuminate sociological features of your fictional society and demonstrate the power of sociologicaltheory.6.A conclusion in which you restate your thesis and suggest avenues for future research.7.A bibliography of at least four scholarly sources, all of which you have used and cited in the body of the paper, plus a citation for the film/TV show itself.
4To do well on this assignment, you must accomplish the following:•Provide all seven of the required elements of the final paper listed above. •Demonstrate a sophisticated grasp of sociological theory, both explaining and applying it effectively.•Use and cite your sources correctly using the citation format of your choice.• Structure your argument clearly, using transitions, internal previews, section headers, etc.•Write not just in a clear and concise manner, but also with polish and flair, and proofread to make the paper nearly error-free

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