Posted: June 20th, 2021

Provide an argument for or against the use of supermax prisons. In your argument, be sure

to consider the following issues related to the use of supermax prisons:


When it comes to the use of supermax prisons I would have to say as of right now I
would have to argue against the use of it right now. The reason that I am against it is because I do
not believe that it is being used the correct way. Supermax prisons were created for a certain type
of prisoners and that is those that are considered the most violent, prisoner s that are violent,
those that are prone to escape, gang members those who are according to our country that are the
worst of the worst. My first problem is that there are prisoners that are in this type of institution
that will one day be released back into society (Krisberg et al., 2018).
How do they expect to release a person back into society when most of the time that is
spent under 23 hours of confinement with little to no contact from the staff and also other
inmates (Krisberg et al., 2018). Due to the way the prisoners are being isolated the level of
punishment is compatible to psychological torture (Krisberg et al., 2018). Sometimes they may
house a person there that has mental issues for their protection but is it really for their protection
because they are already having psychological issues supermax to me would not be the answer for
those prisoners and because of there are a high chance of recidivation. Having access to treatment
program is vital to the rehabilitation of prisoners this is something that is just not available for
those that are house in supermax.


Krisberg, B. A., Marchionna, S., & Hartney, C. J. (2018). American corrections: Concepts and
controversies (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. Inc. Chapter 6, “Prisons” (pp.
120 – 153)

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