CSSSKL 143 Lab: Sorting and Interfaces

Posted: June 2nd, 2021

The lab consists of the following sections:
Segment 1: Sorts
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort
Big O of Bubble and Selection
Insertion Sort
Segment 2: Interfaces
Student Class: implements comparable, cloneable, and serializable + answers to serializable
Quiz Score + Quiz Tracker: implements cloneable
A class that implements runnable
Application: implements action listener
MyWindow: implements mouse listener
Lab Submission: *.java files with the lab solutions
Files for this lab: Application.java
(https://canvas.uw.edu/courses/1465713/files/75665156/download?download_frd=1) ,
InterfaceDriver.java (https://canvas.uw.edu/courses/1465713/files/75665270/download?
download_frd=1) , Multi.java (https://canvas.uw.edu/courses/1465713/files/75665179/download?
download_frd=1) , MyArrayList.java
(https://canvas.uw.edu/courses/1465713/files/75665178/download?download_frd=1) , SortDiver.java
(https://canvas.uw.edu/courses/1465713/files/75665225/download?download_frd=1) , Student.java
Segment 1: Sorting
The purpose of this lab is to practice implementing the sorts we’ve covered in class. We’ll start by
building a simple Bubble Sort, which can be accomplished in 9 lines of code (LOC) or less, and then
move on to more advanced sorting techniques like the Selection sort and Insertion sort. Also, we’ll
make minor improvements to the sorts to obtain better average-case execution times, but it is left

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