Discipline of Communication

Posted: February 18th, 2021

Locate a recent article in a scholarly journal (NOT a conference paper) within the discipline of Communication (article should be dated 2010 or later) on your group topic. Each member of the group must choose a different article. (The best journals to use are: Communication Monographs or Communication Quarterly for varied types of research the Journal of Applied Communication Research or Human Communication Research for survey and experimental research and The Quarterly Journal of Speech or Rhetoric and Public Affairs for rhetorical criticism and some ethnography. Try the Communication and Mass Media Complete database through the Gelman website.) Please DO NOT turn in an abstract of an article that is not VERY CLEARLY representing the Communication discipline (not SMPA not Business not Psychology etc.). There is no page requirement for the article but if it is fewer than 10 pages it is probably NOT a scholarly report of research. Do NOT abstract a conference paper.Read the article and write an approximately 2 page (double-spaced) abstract to be submitted via Blackboard including the following:1. full source citation

2. theoretical framework employed/discussed in the article (what communication theory or theories form/s the foundation of the research? what is the background of scholarly research on this topic?) This will be discussed at the beginning of the article. If the article does not review previous research choose a different article. Do not say what theories YOU think apply; determine what theory/theoretical perspective the AUTHORS are claiming to address. They will not necessarily address theories discussed in class.

3. description of methodology employed in the study (must be brief but must give a clear sense of what the researchers actually did as in who were the subjects and how were they surveyed or how were the texts analyzed)

4. basic summary of findings5. your evaluation of the article (Was this good solid research? Was it biased? Is it useful? Are the findings legitimate? Were the methods flawed?) Be critical. Please include your abstract uploaded as a Word doc. Name the file your last name plus your group topic. topic: online communication in romantic relationships

Requirements: 2 pages | .doc file

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