Drugs Acting on Peripheral Nervous System

Drugs Acting on Peripheral Nervous System
Drugs Acting on Peripheral Nervous System
23.1 Which of the following drugs is a nondepolarizing
neuromuscular blocker:
A. Succinylcholine
B. Vecuronium
C. Decamethonium
D. Dantrolene sodium (p. 309, 314)
23.2 The site of action of d-tubocurarine is:
A. Spinal internuncial neurone
B. Motor nerve ending
C. Muscle end-plate
D. Sodium channels in the muscle fibre
(p. 310)
23.3 At the muscle end-plate, d-tubocurarine reduces
A. Number of Na channels
B. Duration for which the Na channels remain
C. Ion conductance of the open Na channel
D. Frequency of Na channel opening
(p. 310)
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Drugs Acting on Peripheral
(Somatic) Nervous System
23.1 2 3 . 1 B 23.2 2 3 . 2 C 23.3 2 3 . 3 D
Peripheral Nervous System 149
Drugs Acting on Peripheral Nervous System
23.4 Depolarizing neuromuscular blockers differ from competitive blockers in the following attributes except:
A. They induce contraction of isolated frog rectus abdominis muscle
B. Ether anaesthesia intensifies block produced by them
C. Tetanic nerve stimulation during partial
depolarizing block produces well sustained
D. Neostigmine does not reverse block produced
by them (p. 312)
23.5 Succinylcholine produces spastic paralysis in:
A. Rabbits
B. Frogs
C. Birds
D. Patients with atypical pseudocholinesterase
(p. 311, 312)
23.6 The fall in blood pressure caused by d-tubocurarine
is due to:
A. Reduced venous return
B. Ganglionic blockade
C. Histamine release
D. All of the above (p. 312)
23.7 Select the skeletal muscle relaxant that is commonly
used for endotracheal intubation despite causing
histamine release, K efflux from muscles and
cardiovascular changes:
A. Pipecuroniun
B. Succinylcholine
C. Pancuronium
D. Cisatracurium (p. 313)
23.4 2 3 . 4 B 23.5 2 3 . 5 C 23.6 2 3 . 6 D 23.7 2 3 . 7 B
150 MCQs in Pharmacology 150
23.8 Neuromuscular blocking drugs do not produce central
actions because:
A. They do not cross the blood-brain barrier
B. Nicotinic receptors are not present in the
C. They are sequestrated in the periphery by
tight binding to the skeletal muscles
D. They do not ionise at the brain pH (p. 312)
23.9 Pancuronium differs from tubocurarine in that:
A. It is a depolarizing blocker
B. Its action is not reversed by neostigmine
C. It can cause rise in BP on rapid I.V. injection
D. It causes marked histamine release (p. 314)
23.10 Which of the following drugs undergoes ‘Hofmann’
A. Succinylcholine
B. Pancuronium
C. Vecuronium
D. Atracurium (p. 314)
23.11 The neuromuscular blocker that does not need
reversal of action by neostigmine at the end of the
operation is:
A. d-Tubocurarine
B. Doxacurium
C. Pipecuronium
D. Mivacurium (p. 313, 314)
23.12 The most rapidly acting nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent which can be used as an alternative to succinylcholine for tracheal intubation is:
A. Rocuronium
B. Pancuronium
C. Doxacurium
D. Pipecuronium (p. 313, 314)
23.8 2 3 . 8 A 23.9 2 3 . 9 C 23.10 2 3 . 1 0 D 23.11 2 3 . 1 1 D 23.12 2 3 . 1 2 A
Peripheral Nervous System 151
23.13 Succinylcholine is the preferred muscle relaxant for
tracheal intubation because:
A. It produces rapid and complete paralysis of
respiratory muscles with quick recovery
B. It does not alter heart rate or blood pressure
C. It does not cause histamine release
D. It does not produce postoperative muscle
soreness (p. 313-314)
23.14 Which of the following is applicable to mivacurium:
A. It undergoes Hoffmann elimination
B. It is the shortest acting nondepolarizing
neuromuscular blocker
C. It is excreted unchanged by kidney
D. It does not cause histamine release
(p. 313, 314)
23.15 Neostigmine reverses the following actions of
d-tubocurarine except:
A. Motor weakness
B. Ganglionic blockade
C. Histamine release
D. Respiratory paralysis (p. 315)
Drugs Acting on Peripheral Nervous System
23.16 Postoperative muscle soreness may be a side effect
of the following neuromuscular blocker:
A. d-tubocurarine
B. Succinylcholine
C. Pancuronium
D. Atracurium (p. 313-314)
23.17 The following antibiotic accentuates the nuromuscular
blockade produced by pancuronium:
A. Streptomycin
B. Erythromycin
C. Penicillin G
D. Chloramphenicol (p. 315)
23.13 2 3 . 1 3 A 23.14 2 3 . 1 4 B 23.15 2 3 . 1 5 C 23.16 2 3 . 1 6 B 23.17 2 3 . 1 7 A
152 MCQs in Pharmacology 152
23.18 Dantrolene sodium reduces skeletal muscle tone by:
A. Reducing acetylcholine release from motor
nerve endings
B. Suppressing spinal polysynaptic reflexes
C. Inhibiting the generation of muscle action
D. Reducing Ca2 release from sarcoplasmic
reticulum in the muscle fibre (p. 316)
23.19 Which of the following is a centrally acting skeletal
muscle relaxant:
A. Carisoprodol
B. Dantrolene sodium
C. Quinine
D. Decamethonium (p. 317)
23.20 Select the muscle relaxant that is used to control
spasticity associated with upper motor neurone
A. Vecuronium
B. Succinylcholine
C. Chlorzoxazone
D. Baclofen (p. 317, 318)
23.21 The GABAB receptor:
A. Is an intrinsic ion channel containing
B. Mediates neuronal depolarization
C. Is insensitive to blockade by bicuculline
D. Regulates intracellular cAMP (p. 317)
23.22 The following is a skeletal muscle relaxant that acts
as a central α2 adrenergic agonist:
A. Tizanidine
B. Brimonidine
C. Chlormezanone
D. Quinine (p. 318)
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