Egypt and Mesopotamia Discussion Questions

Egypt and Mesopotamia Discussion Questions
Egypt and Mesopotamia Discussion Questions
1. Cities developed in Mesopotamia between 4000 and 1000 BCE
because its inhabitants learned how to
(A) irrigate dry land through intricate canal systems
(B) conceptualize law codes to govern their inhabitants
(C) develop long-range trade routes with distant cultures
(D) construct large ceremonial centers for religious purposes
(E) create the agricultural system known as the Mediterranean
Egypt and Mesopotamia Discussion Questions
2. The neo-Assyrians
(A) destroyed the culture of the Sumerians
(B) were masters of carved stone relief sculpture
(C) were highly skilled administrators
(D) were uninterested in the transmission of knowledge
(E) were noted for their leniency toward people they conquered
3. “For six days and six nights the winds blew, torrent and tempest and
flood overwhelmed the world, tempest and flood raged together like
warring hosts. When the seventh day dawned, the storm subsided,
the sea grew calm, and the flood was stilled. I looked at the face
of the world, and there was silence, all mankind turned to clay . . .”
This passage is from the
(A) Rubaiyat
(B) Hebrew book of Exodus
(C) Egyptian Book of the Dead
(D) Rigveda
(E) Epic of Gilgamesh
8 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 World History Questions, Volume 1
4. What was the result of the battle of Megiddo in about 1479 BCE?
(A) Thutmose III reestablished Egyptian dominance in Palestine.
(B) The Assyrian Ashurbanipal effectively ended the Babylonian Empire.
(C) Nabopolassar evicted the Hyksos from Egypt.
(D) Kyan’s victory gave Babylon control of the vast wealth of Lydia.
(E) Sargon the Great was defeated by the Sumerians.
5. The alphabet was invented in
(A) Babylonia
(B) Israel
(C) Sumer
(D) Phoenicia
(E) Assyria
6. Which of the following ancient cultures was situated near the Persian
Gulf ?
(A) Indus Valley
(B) Nubia
(C) Yellow River valley
(D) Egypt
(E) Sumer
7. Religious leaders in Mesopotamian society enjoyed high social status
because of their ability to discover the will of the gods through
(A) monotheism
(B) ma’at
(C) divination
(D) wisdom literature
(E) apotheosis
8. At the battle of Carchemish in about 605 BCE,
(A) the Persians defeated the Egyptians
(B) the Egyptians defeated the Hebrews
(C) the neo-Assyrians defeated the Babylonians
(D) the neo-Assyrians defeated the Persians
(E) the Babylonians defeated the Egyptians and neo-Assyrians
8. All of the following are true of the Phoenicians EXCEPT that they
(A) were masters of long-distance trade
(B) adopted Hebrew monotheism
(C) traded with the Hebrews
(D) influenced the development of the Roman alphabet
(E) manufactured glass for trade
Egypt and Mesopotamia ❮ 9
9. Religious traditions in the New Kingdom of Egypt
(A) could determine the success or failure of the king
(B) did not play a major role in the lives of ordinary people
(C) initiated the transition to monotheism
(D) greatly reduced the importance of a belief in the afterlife
(E) resemble religious traditions still practiced in Egypt today
10. Sumerians probably invented writing in order to
(A) praise the gods
(B) record business transactions
(C) keep detailed genealogical records
(D) codify centuries of miscellaneous laws
(E) write poetry
11. All of the following were true of the Hittites EXCEPT that they
(A) were skillful charioteers
(B) established a kingdom in north-central Anatolia
(C) used iron metallurgy
(D) reached the height of their power around the 14th century BCE
(E) briefly expanded into Egypt
12. The Hebrews achieved their first truly national organization
with a creation of a monarchy under Saul in the
(A) 1900s BCE
(B) 1600s BCE
(C) 1300s BCE
(D) 1000s BCE
(E) 700s BCE
13. King Hammurabi’s law code was written in about
(A) 3200 BCE
(B) 2700 BCE
(C) 2200 BCE
(D) 1700 BCE
(E) 1200 BCE
Egypt and Mesopotamia Discussion Questions
14. The Hebrew Bible established a religion based on all of the following
(A) monotheism
(B) a covenant relationship
(C) a refusal to practice idolatry
(D) God’s active role in history
(E) a deterministic view of ethics

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