Functionality of assembly codes

Im new to this and am struggling. Therefore any help is appreciated with these 4 files. Thanks! gdb assignment4_1.o (gdb) info functions All defined functions: Non-debugging symbols: 0x0000000000000000 main 0x00000000000000aa __static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int int) 0x00000000000000f3 _GLOBAL__sub_I_main (gdb) disassemble main Dump of assembler code for function main: 0x0000000000000000 <+0>: push %rbp 0x0000000000000001 <+1>: mov %rsp%rbp 0x0000000000000004 <+4>: sub $0x10%rsp 0x0000000000000008 <+8>: movl $0x1-0x8(%rbp) 0x000000000000000f <+15>: cmpl $0x9-0x8(%rbp) 0x0000000000000013 <+19>: jg 0xa3 <main+163> 0x0000000000000019 <+25>: movl $0x1-0xc(%rbp) 0x0000000000000020 <+32>: cmpl $0x9-0xc(%rbp) 0x0000000000000024 <+36>: jg 0x9a <main+154> 0x0000000000000026 <+38>: mov -0x8(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000029 <+41>: imul -0xc(%rbp)%eax 0x000000000000002d <+45>: mov %eax-0x4(%rbp) 0x0000000000000030 <+48>: mov -0x8(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000033 <+51>: mov %eax%esi 0x0000000000000035 <+53>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x3c <main+60> 0x000000000000003c <+60>: callq 0x41 <main+65> 0x0000000000000041 <+65>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x48 <main+72> 0x0000000000000048 <+72>: mov %rax%rdi 0x000000000000004b <+75>: callq 0x50 <main+80> 0x0000000000000050 <+80>: mov %rax%rdx 0x0000000000000053 <+83>: mov -0xc(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000056 <+86>: mov %eax%esi 0x0000000000000058 <+88>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x000000000000005b <+91>: callq 0x60 <main+96> 0x0000000000000060 <+96>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x67 <main+103> 0x0000000000000067 <+103>: mov %rax%rdi 0x000000000000006a <+106>: callq 0x6f <main+111> 0x000000000000006f <+111>: mov %rax%rdx 0x0000000000000072 <+114>: mov -0x4(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000075 <+117>: mov %eax%esi 0x0000000000000077 <+119>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x000000000000007a <+122>: callq 0x7f <main+127> 0x000000000000007f <+127>: mov %rax%rdx 0x0000000000000082 <+130>: mov 0x0(%rip)%rax # 0x89 <main+137> 0x0000000000000089 <+137>: mov %rax%rsi 0x000000000000008c <+140>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x000000000000008f <+143>: callq 0x94 <main+148> 0x0000000000000094 <+148>: addl $0x1-0xc(%rbp) 0x0000000000000098 <+152>: jmp 0x20 <main+32> 0x000000000000009a <+154>: addl $0x1-0x8(%rbp) 0x000000000000009e <+158>: jmpq 0xf <main+15> 0x00000000000000a3 <+163>: mov $0x0%eax 0x00000000000000a8 <+168>: leaveq 0x00000000000000a9 <+169>: retq —Type <return> to continue or q <return> to quit—return End of assembler dump. (gdb) gdb assignment4_2.o (gdb) info functions All defined functions: Non-debugging symbols: 0x0000000000000000 main 0x00000000000000c2 __static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int int) 0x000000000000010b _GLOBAL__sub_I_main (gdb) disassemble main Dump of assembler code for function main: 0x0000000000000000 <+0>: push %rbp 0x0000000000000001 <+1>: mov %rsp%rbp 0x0000000000000004 <+4>: sub $0x30%rsp 0x0000000000000008 <+8>: mov %fs:0x28%rax 0x0000000000000011 <+17>: mov %rax-0x8(%rbp) 0x0000000000000015 <+21>: xor %eax%eax 0x0000000000000017 <+23>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x1e <main+30> 0x000000000000001e <+30>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x25 <main+37> 0x0000000000000025 <+37>: callq 0x2a <main+42> 0x000000000000002a <+42>: mov %rax%rdx 0x000000000000002d <+45>: mov 0x0(%rip)%rax # 0x34 <main+52> 0x0000000000000034 <+52>: mov %rax%rsi 0x0000000000000037 <+55>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x000000000000003a <+58>: callq 0x3f <main+63> 0x000000000000003f <+63>: lea -0x14(%rbp)%rax 0x0000000000000043 <+67>: mov %rax%rsi 0x0000000000000046 <+70>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x4d <main+77> 0x000000000000004d <+77>: callq 0x52 <main+82> 0x0000000000000052 <+82>: mov -0x14(%rbp)%edx 0x0000000000000055 <+85>: mov -0x14(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000058 <+88>: imul %eax%edx 0x000000000000005b <+91>: mov -0x14(%rbp)%eax 0x000000000000005e <+94>: imul %edx%eax 0x0000000000000061 <+97>: mov %eax-0x14(%rbp) 0x0000000000000064 <+100>: mov -0x14(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000067 <+103>: cvtsi2sd %eax%xmm0 0x000000000000006b <+107>: movsd 0x0(%rip)%xmm1 # 0x73 <main+115> 0x0000000000000073 <+115>: mulsd %xmm1%xmm0 0x0000000000000077 <+119>: movsd %xmm0-0x10(%rbp) 0x000000000000007c <+124>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x83 <main+131> 0x0000000000000083 <+131>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x8a <main+138> 0x000000000000008a <+138>: callq 0x8f <main+143> 0x000000000000008f <+143>: mov %rax%rdx 0x0000000000000092 <+146>: mov -0x10(%rbp)%rax 0x0000000000000096 <+150>: mov %rax-0x28(%rbp) 0x000000000000009a <+154>: movsd -0x28(%rbp)%xmm0 0x000000000000009f <+159>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x00000000000000a2 <+162>: callq 0xa7 <main+167> 0x00000000000000a7 <+167>: mov $0x0%eax 0x00000000000000ac <+172>: mov -0x8(%rbp)%rcx 0x00000000000000b0 <+176>: xor %fs:0x28%rcx 0x00000000000000b9 <+185>: je 0xc0 <main+192> 0x00000000000000bb <+187>: callq 0xc0 <main+192> 0x00000000000000c0 <+192>: leaveq —Type <return> to continue or q <return> to quit—return 0x00000000000000c1 <+193>: retq End of assembler dump. (gdb) gdb assignment4_3.o (gdb) info functions All defined functions: Non-debugging symbols: 0x0000000000000000 main 0x000000000000018c __static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int int) 0x00000000000001d5 _GLOBAL__sub_I_main (gdb) disassemble main Dump of assembler code for function main: 0x0000000000000000 <+0>: push %rbp 0x0000000000000001 <+1>: mov %rsp%rbp 0x0000000000000004 <+4>: sub $0x20%rsp 0x0000000000000008 <+8>: mov %fs:0x28%rax 0x0000000000000011 <+17>: mov %rax-0x8(%rbp) 0x0000000000000015 <+21>: xor %eax%eax 0x0000000000000017 <+23>: movl $0x1-0xc(%rbp) 0x000000000000001e <+30>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x25 <main+37> 0x0000000000000025 <+37>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x2c <main+44> 0x000000000000002c <+44>: callq 0x31 <main+49> 0x0000000000000031 <+49>: mov %rax%rdx 0x0000000000000034 <+52>: mov 0x0(%rip)%rax # 0x3b <main+59> 0x000000000000003b <+59>: mov %rax%rsi 0x000000000000003e <+62>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x0000000000000041 <+65>: callq 0x46 <main+70> 0x0000000000000046 <+70>: lea -0x18(%rbp)%rax 0x000000000000004a <+74>: mov %rax%rsi 0x000000000000004d <+77>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x54 <main+84> 0x0000000000000054 <+84>: callq 0x59 <main+89> 0x0000000000000059 <+89>: mov -0x18(%rbp)%eax 0x000000000000005c <+92>: sub $0x1%eax 0x000000000000005f <+95>: mov %eax-0xc(%rbp) 0x0000000000000062 <+98>: movl $0x1-0x10(%rbp) 0x0000000000000069 <+105>: mov -0x18(%rbp)%eax 0x000000000000006c <+108>: cmp %eax-0x10(%rbp) 0x000000000000006f <+111>: jg 0xe3 <main+227> 0x0000000000000071 <+113>: movl $0x1-0x14(%rbp) 0x0000000000000078 <+120>: mov -0x14(%rbp)%eax 0x000000000000007b <+123>: cmp -0xc(%rbp)%eax 0x000000000000007e <+126>: jg 0x99 <main+153> 0x0000000000000080 <+128>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x87 <main+135> 0x0000000000000087 <+135>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x8e <main+142> 0x000000000000008e <+142>: callq 0x93 <main+147> 0x0000000000000093 <+147>: addl $0x1-0x14(%rbp) 0x0000000000000097 <+151>: jmp 0x78 <main+120> 0x0000000000000099 <+153>: subl $0x1-0xc(%rbp) 0x000000000000009d <+157>: movl $0x1-0x14(%rbp) 0x00000000000000a4 <+164>: mov -0x10(%rbp)%eax 0x00000000000000a7 <+167>: add %eax%eax 0x00000000000000a9 <+169>: sub $0x1%eax 0x00000000000000ac <+172>: cmp %eax-0x14(%rbp) 0x00000000000000af <+175>: jg 0xca <main+202> 0x00000000000000b1 <+177>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0xb8 <main+184> 0x00000000000000b8 <+184>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0xbf <main+191> —Type <return> to continue or q <return> to quit—return 0x00000000000000bf <+191>: callq 0xc4 <main+196> 0x00000000000000c4 <+196>: addl $0x1-0x14(%rbp) 0x00000000000000c8 <+200>: jmp 0xa4 <main+164> 0x00000000000000ca <+202>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0xd1 <main+209> 0x00000000000000d1 <+209>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0xd8 <main+216> 0x00000000000000d8 <+216>: callq 0xdd <main+221> 0x00000000000000dd <+221>: addl $0x1-0x10(%rbp) 0x00000000000000e1 <+225>: jmp 0x69 <main+105> 0x00000000000000e3 <+227>: movl $0x1-0xc(%rbp) 0x00000000000000ea <+234>: movl $0x1-0x10(%rbp) 0x00000000000000f1 <+241>: mov -0x18(%rbp)%eax 0x00000000000000f4 <+244>: sub $0x1%eax 0x00000000000000f7 <+247>: cmp %eax-0x10(%rbp) 0x00000000000000fa <+250>: jg 0x171 <main+369> 0x00000000000000fc <+252>: movl $0x1-0x14(%rbp) 0x0000000000000103 <+259>: mov -0x14(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000106 <+262>: cmp -0xc(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000109 <+265>: jg 0x124 <main+292> 0x000000000000010b <+267>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x112 <main+274> 0x0000000000000112 <+274>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x119 <main+281> 0x0000000000000119 <+281>: callq 0x11e <main+286> 0x000000000000011e <+286>: addl $0x1-0x14(%rbp) 0x0000000000000122 <+290>: jmp 0x103 <main+259> 0x0000000000000124 <+292>: addl $0x1-0xc(%rbp) 0x0000000000000128 <+296>: movl $0x1-0x14(%rbp) 0x000000000000012f <+303>: mov -0x18(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000132 <+306>: sub -0x10(%rbp)%eax 0x0000000000000135 <+309>: add %eax%eax 0x0000000000000137 <+311>: sub $0x1%eax 0x000000000000013a <+314>: cmp %eax-0x14(%rbp) 0x000000000000013d <+317>: jg 0x158 <main+344> 0x000000000000013f <+319>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x146 <main+326> 0x0000000000000146 <+326>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x14d <main+333> 0x000000000000014d <+333>: callq 0x152 <main+338> 0x0000000000000152 <+338>: addl $0x1-0x14(%rbp) 0x0000000000000156 <+342>: jmp 0x12f <main+303> 0x0000000000000158 <+344>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x15f <main+351> 0x000000000000015f <+351>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x166 <main+358> 0x0000000000000166 <+358>: callq 0x16b <main+363> 0x000000000000016b <+363>: addl $0x1-0x10(%rbp) 0x000000000000016f <+367>: jmp 0xf1 <main+241> 0x0000000000000171 <+369>: mov $0x1%eax 0x0000000000000176 <+374>: mov -0x8(%rbp)%rcx 0x000000000000017a <+378>: xor %fs:0x28%rcx 0x0000000000000183 <+387>: je 0x18a <main+394> —Type <return> to continue or q <return> to quit— gdb assignment4_4.o (gdb) info function All defined functions: Non-debugging symbols: 0x0000000000000000 main 0x0000000000000147 __static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int int) 0x0000000000000190 _GLOBAL__sub_I_main (gdb) disassemble main Dump of assembler code for function main: 0x0000000000000000 <+0>: push %rbp 0x0000000000000001 <+1>: mov %rsp%rbp 0x0000000000000004 <+4>: sub $0x30%rsp 0x0000000000000008 <+8>: mov %fs:0x28%rax 0x0000000000000011 <+17>: mov %rax-0x8(%rbp) 0x0000000000000015 <+21>: xor %eax%eax 0x0000000000000017 <+23>: movq $0x0-0x20(%rbp) 0x000000000000001f <+31>: movq $0x1-0x18(%rbp) 0x0000000000000027 <+39>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0x2e <main+46> 0x000000000000002e <+46>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x35 <main+53> 0x0000000000000035 <+53>: callq 0x3a <main+58> 0x000000000000003a <+58>: mov %rax%rdx 0x000000000000003d <+61>: mov 0x0(%rip)%rax # 0x44 <main+68> 0x0000000000000044 <+68>: mov %rax%rsi 0x0000000000000047 <+71>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x000000000000004a <+74>: callq 0x4f <main+79> 0x000000000000004f <+79>: lea -0x28(%rbp)%rax 0x0000000000000053 <+83>: mov %rax%rsi 0x0000000000000056 <+86>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x5d <main+93> 0x000000000000005d <+93>: callq 0x62 <main+98> 0x0000000000000062 <+98>: mov -0x28(%rbp)%rax 0x0000000000000066 <+102>: test %rax%rax 0x0000000000000069 <+105>: je 0xf2 <main+242> 0x000000000000006f <+111>: mov -0x28(%rbp)%rcx 0x0000000000000073 <+115>: movabs $0x6666666666666667%rdx 0x000000000000007d <+125>: mov %rcx%rax 0x0000000000000080 <+128>: imul %rdx 0x0000000000000083 <+131>: sar $0x2%rdx 0x0000000000000087 <+135>: mov %rcx%rax 0x000000000000008a <+138>: sar $0x3f%rax 0x000000000000008e <+142>: sub %rax%rdx 0x0000000000000091 <+145>: mov %rdx%rax 0x0000000000000094 <+148>: mov %rax-0x10(%rbp) 0x0000000000000098 <+152>: mov -0x10(%rbp)%rdx 0x000000000000009c <+156>: mov %rdx%rax 0x000000000000009f <+159>: shl $0x2%rax 0x00000000000000a3 <+163>: add %rdx%rax 0x00000000000000a6 <+166>: add %rax%rax 0x00000000000000a9 <+169>: sub %rax%rcx 0x00000000000000ac <+172>: mov %rcx%rax 0x00000000000000af <+175>: mov %rax-0x10(%rbp) 0x00000000000000b3 <+179>: mov -0x10(%rbp)%rax 0x00000000000000b7 <+183>: imul -0x18(%rbp)%rax 0x00000000000000bc <+188>: add %rax-0x20(%rbp) —Type <return> to continue or q <return> to quit—return 0x00000000000000c0 <+192>: shlq -0x18(%rbp) 0x00000000000000c4 <+196>: mov -0x28(%rbp)%rcx 0x00000000000000c8 <+200>: movabs $0x6666666666666667%rdx 0x00000000000000d2 <+210>: mov %rcx%rax 0x00000000000000d5 <+213>: imul %rdx 0x00000000000000d8 <+216>: sar $0x2%rdx 0x00000000000000dc <+220>: mov %rcx%rax 0x00000000000000df <+223>: sar $0x3f%rax 0x00000000000000e3 <+227>: sub %rax%rdx 0x00000000000000e6 <+230>: mov %rdx%rax 0x00000000000000e9 <+233>: mov %rax-0x28(%rbp) 0x00000000000000ed <+237>: jmpq 0x62 <main+98> 0x00000000000000f2 <+242>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rsi # 0xf9 <main+249> 0x00000000000000f9 <+249>: lea 0x0(%rip)%rdi # 0x100 <main+256> 0x0000000000000100 <+256>: callq 0x105 <main+261> 0x0000000000000105 <+261>: mov %rax%rdx 0x0000000000000108 <+264>: mov -0x20(%rbp)%rax 0x000000000000010c <+268>: mov %rax%rsi 0x000000000000010f <+271>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x0000000000000112 <+274>: callq 0x117 <main+279> 0x0000000000000117 <+279>: mov %rax%rdx 0x000000000000011a <+282>: mov 0x0(%rip)%rax # 0x121 <main+289> 0x0000000000000121 <+289>: mov %rax%rsi 0x0000000000000124 <+292>: mov %rdx%rdi 0x0000000000000127 <+295>: callq 0x12c <main+300> 0x000000000000012c <+300>: mov $0x0%eax 0x0000000000000131 <+305>: mov -0x8(%rbp)%rsi 0x0000000000000135 <+309>: xor %fs:0x28%rsi 0x000000000000013e <+318>: je 0x145 <main+325> 0x0000000000000140 <+320>: callq 0x145 <main+325> 0x0000000000000145 <+325>: leaveq 0x0000000000000146 <+326>: retq End of assembler dump. (gdb)

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