Hormones and Related Drugs Discussion Questions

Hormones and Related Drugs Discussion Questions
Hormones and Related Drugs Discussion Questions
16.1 The following hypothalamic regulatory hormone is
not a peptide:
A. Growth hormone release inhibitory hormone
B. Prolactin release inhibitory hormone
C. Gonadotropin releasing hormone
D. Corticotropin releasing hormone (p. 213)
16.2 Which hormone acts through a cytoplasmic receptor:
A. Calcitriol
B. Prolactin
C. Vasopressin
D. None of the above (p. 214)
16.3 Actions of growth hormone include the following
A. Increased protein synthesis
B. Increased fat utilization
C. Increased carbohydrate utilization
D. Glucose intolerance (p. 215-216)
16.4 Several actions of growth hormone are exerted through
the elaboration of:
A. Cyclic AMP
B. Cyclic GMP
C. Somatostatin
D. Insulin like growth factor-1 (p. 215)
16.1 B 16.2 A 16.3 C 16.4 D
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Hormones and
Related Drugs
Hormones 103
16.5 Octreotide is a long acting synthetic analogue of:
A. Prolactin
B. Growth hormone
C. Somatostatin
D. Gonadotropin releasing hormone (p. 217)
16.6 Somatostatin inhibits the release of:
A. Growth hormone
B. Insulin
C. Thyrotropin
D. All of the above (p. 217)
16.7 Indications of somatostatin include:
A. Macroprolactinoma
B. Zollinger Ellison syndrome
C. Bleeding esophageal varices
D. Steatorrhoea (p. 217)
Hormones and Related Drugs Discussion Questions
16.8 Drugs that suppress growth hormone release in
acromegaly include the following except:
A. Bromocriptine
B. Somatostatin
C. Octreotide
D. Nafarelin (p. 217, 218, 221)
16.9 For therapeutic use, growth hormone is obtained
A. Recombinant DNA technique
B. Human cadaver pituitaries
C. Porcine pituitaries
D. Chemical synthesis (p. 216)
16.10 Hyperprolactinemia can cause the following except:
A. Amenorrhoea
B. Gynaecomastia
C. Multiple ovulation
D. Depressed fertility (p. 218)
16.5 C 16.6 D 16.7 C 16.8 D 16.9 A 16.10 C
104 MCQs in Pharmacology 104
16.11 Bromocriptine causes the following:
A. Prolactin release
B. Vomiting
C. Uterine contraction
D. Impotence (p. 218)
16.12 The most prominent action of bromocriptine is:
A. Dopamine D2 agonism
B. Dopamine D2 antagonism
C. Dopamine D1 antagonism
D. α adrenergic antagonism (p. 218)
16.13 Gynaecomastia can be treated with:
A. Chlorpromazine
B. Cimetidine
C. Bromocriptine
D. Metoclopramide (p. 218)
16.14 Menotropins is a preparation of:
A. FSH LH obtained from urine of menstruating women
B. LH obtained from urine of pregnant women
C. FSH LH obtained from urine of menopausal
D. LH obtained from serum of pregnant mare
(p. 219)
16.15 The hypothalamic gonadotropin releasing hormone
(GnRH) is:
A. A single peptide
B. A mixture of two distinct peptides FSH-RH
and LH-RH
C. A mixture of several peptides
D. Dopamine (p. 219)
16.11 1 6 . 1 1 B 16.12 1 6 . 1 2 A 16.13 1 6 . 1 3 C 16.14 1 6 . 1 4 C 16.15 1 6 . 1 5 A
Hormones 105
Hormones and Related Drugs Discussion Questions
16.16 Gonadotropins are indicated in the following
conditions except:
A. Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in males
B. Cryptorchism in a boy less than 7 years old
C. Amenorrhoea and infertility in women
D. Polycystic ovaries (p. 220)
16.17 Superactive GnRH agonists cause:
A. Initial as well as sustained release of gonadotropins
B. Initial inhibition followed by stimulation of
gonadotropin release after 1-2 weeks
C. Initial stimulation followed by inhibition of
gonadotropin release after 1-2 weeks
D. Initial as well as sustained inhibition of
gonadotropin release (p. 220)
16.18 Thyrotropin exerts the following actions on the thyroid
gland except:
A. Increases vascularity
B. Inhibits proteolysis of thyroglobulin
C. Induces hyperplasia and hypertrophy
D. Promotes iodide trapping (p. 221)
16.19 Serum TSH levels are high in most cases of:
A. Myxoedema
B. Grave’s disease
C. Carcinoma thyroid
D. Toxic nodular goiter (p. 221)
16.20 Adrenocorticotropic hormone is primarily used for:
A. Treatment of Addison’s disease
B. Treatment of congenital adrenal hyperplasia
C. Treatment of autoimmune diseases
D. Diagnosis of pituitary-adrenal axis disorders
(p. 222)
16.16 D 16.17 C 16.18 B 16.19 A 16.20 D
106 MCQs in Pharmacology 106
17.1 Trapping of iodide by the following organ/organs is
enhanced by thyrotropin:
A. Thyroid
B. Salivary gland
C. Placenta
D. All of the above (p. 224)
17.2 Triiodothyronine differs from thyroxine in that:
A. It is more avidly bound to plasma proteins
B. It has a shorter plasma half life
C. It is less potent
D. It has a longer latency of action (p. 228-229)
17.3 Metabolic rate of the following organ is not significantly affected by thyroxine:
A. Brain
B. Heart
C. Liver
D. Skeletal muscle (p. 228)
17.4 The most reliable guide to adjustment of thyroxine
dose in a patient of hypothyroidism is:
A. Pulse rate
B. Body weight
C. Serum thyroxine level
D. Serum TSH level (p. 229)
17.5 Actions of thyroxine include the following except:
A. Induction of negative nitrogen balance
B. Reduction in plasma cholesterol level
C. Fall in plasma free fatty acid level
D. Rise in blood sugar level (p. 227)
17.6 Complications of over treatment with thyroxine include
the following except:
A. Auricular fibrillation
B. Angina pectoris
C. Congestive heart failure
D. Acceleration of atherosclerosis (p. 228)
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