ISM 644 Duty of Care for Information Systems Professionals

Posted: May 21st, 2021

Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment read the Extending Learned Hand’s Negligence Formula to Information Security Breaches article and Chapters 1and 2 from the course text. It is very important for an aspiring CIO to understand the full implications of their “Duty of Care.” For your initial post review and select a real-life case study from the examples mentioned in the introduction to the “Extending Learned Hand’s Negligence Formula to Information Security Breaches” article above regarding the breach of duty of a CIO or other IS professional. In the body of your post Evaluate the case study including your own analysis and in a separate document create a protocol you would enact to prevent or discourage this type of breach in the future. Attach your document to your initial post with the required information. Include a full APA citation as outlined in the Writing Center (Links to an external site.) for your case study at the end of your attached protocol document. Your initial post should be a minimum 300 words. Identify the various aspects related to your case study and define in your own words the Duty of Care owed by the IS professional to the organization. Analyze your case study and provide a specific explanation of how the IS professional breached this defined duty. Describe who was harmed by this breach and how this harm manifested.

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