Modern views of the world

Posted: February 27th, 2021

This weeks assignment is simply to dive a little deeper into any two of the articles. The idea is to understand how our modern views of the world are based on colonial history how the history of colonialism is embedded in globalization and capitalism. For this post explain two specific consequences of colonial rule on a colonized country (West Africa under the French India under the British Congo under the Dutch) as described by any of the scholars we read this week. What was the systemic impact on the country? How did/does it relate to neocolonialism today if at all? “Consequence” is broad–it could be anything from industry farming techniques to Aime Cesaires identity to the idea of Western humanism. Write about what is most striking to you in these articles. Stick closely to the text–a short quote or two will go a long way toward showing your understanding. Avoid moralizing–a rant about how “colonialism is bad” earns a “C” at best. Were looking for its impact–what colonialism did and what it continues to do according to your readings.p.s. “Systemic” just means structural affecting more than individuals. So it means big picture” – what does it mean that Mozambique _did_ have a medical care system but there were no native/African doctors? What was the overall effect on the country? 2) Be sure to draw on at least two course readings in your response. Your explanation should be at least 400 words in length and should reflect at least 2-3 hours work doing a close reading and analysis of your articles. A little hint: it is almost never a good idea in my class to cite a google definition wikipedia or the dictionary. We are reading very specialized material and you need to look within that material for the terms we are discussing. Think about how many ways we defined globalization and then think how flat a dictionary definition is by comparison right? Requirements: 450 or more ‘

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