Order General Pharmacological Principles

Order General Pharmacological Principles
Order General Pharmacological Principles
1.1 `Essential drugs’ are:
A. Life saving drugs
B. Drugs that meet the priority health care needs of
the population
C. Drugs that must be present in the emergency
bag of a doctor
D. Drugs that are listed in the pharmacopoia of a
country (p. 5)
1.2 An ‘orphan drug’ is:
A. A very cheap drug
B. A drug which has no therapeutic use
C. A drug needed for treatment or prevention of a
rare disease
D. A drug which acts on Orphanin receptors
(p. 5, 6)
1.3 Drug administered through the following route is most
likely to be subjected to first-pass metabolism:
A. Oral
B. Sublingual
C. Subcutaneous
D. Rectal (p. 7, 8, 25)
1.1 B 1.2 C 1.3 A
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Order General Pharmacological Principles
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General Pharmacological
2 MCQs in Pharmacology
1.4 Transdermal drug delivery systems offer the following
advantages except:
A. They produce high peak plasma concentration
of the drug
B. They produce smooth and nonfluctuating
plasma concentration of the drug
C. They minimise interindividual variations in
the achieved plasma drug concentration
D. They avoid hepatic first-pass metabolism of
the drug (p. 8, 9)
1.5 In addition to slow intravenous infusion, which of the
following routes of administration allows for titration of
the dose of a drug with the response:
A. Sublingual
B. Transdermal
C. Inhalational
D. Nasal insufflation (p. 9)
Order General Pharmacological Principles
1.6 Which of the following drugs is administered by intranasal spray/application for systemic action:
A. Phenylephrine
B. Desmopressin
C. Azelastine
D. Beclomethasone dipropionate (p. 9, 540)
1.7 Compared to subcutaneous injection, the intramuscular injection of drugs:
A. Is more painful
B. Produces faster response
C. Is unsuitable for depot preparations
D. Carries greater risk of anaphylactic reaction
(p. 9, 10)
1.4 A 1.5 C 1.6 B 1.7 B
General Pharmacological Principles 3
1.8 Select the route of administration which carries the
highest risk of adversely affecting vital functions:
A. Intra arterial injection
B. Intrathecal injection
C. Intravenous injection
D. Intramuscular injection (p. 10)
2.1 Alkalinization of urine hastens the excretion of:
A. Weakly basic drugs
B. Weakly acidic drugs
C. Strong electrolytes
D. Nonpolar drugs (p. 13, 26)
2.2 Majority of drugs cross biological membranes primarily
A. Passive diffusion
B. Facilitated diffusion
C. Active transport
D. Pinocytosis (p. 12)
2.3 Diffusion of drugs across cell membrane:
A. Is dependent upon metabolic activity of the cell
B. Is competitively inhibited by chemically
related drugs
C. Is affected by extent of ionization of drug molecules
D. Exhibits saturation kinetics (p. 12)
2.4 Which of the following drugs is most likely to be
absorbed from the stomach:
A. Morphine sulfate
B. Diclofenac sodium
C. Hyoscine hydrobromide
D. Quinine dihydrochloride (p. 12)
1.8 C 2.1 B 2.2 A 2.3 C 2.4 B
4 MCQs in Pharmacology
2.5 Which of the following is a weakly acidic drug:
A. Atropine sulfate
B. Chloroquine phosphate
C. Ephedrine hydrochloride
D. Phenytoin sodium (p. 12)
2.6 The most important factor which governs diffusion of
drugs across capillaries other than those in the brain is:
A. Blood flow through the capillary
B. Lipid solubility of the drug
C. pKa value of the drug
D. pH of the medium (p. 13)
2.7 Active transport of a substance across biological
membranes has the following characteristics except:
A. It is specific
B. It is pH dependent
C. It is saturable
D. It requires metabolic energy (p. 13)
2.8 Tricyclic antidepressants can alter the oral absorption
of many drugs by:
A. Complexing with the other drug in the intestinal lumen
B. Altering gut motility
C. Altering gut flora
D. Damaging gut mucosa (p. 14, 411)
2.9 Bioavailability of drug refers to:
A. Percentage of administered dose that reaches
systemic circulation in the unchanged form
B. Ratio of oral to parenteral dose
C. Ratio of orally administered drug to that excreted in the faeces
D. Ratio of drug excreted unchanged in urine to
that excreted as metabolites (p. 15)
2.5 D 2.6 A 2.7 B 2.8 B 2.9 A
General Pharmacological Principles 5
Order General Pharmacological Principles
2.10 Bioavailability differences among oral formulations of
a drug are most likely to occur if the drug:
A. Is freely water soluble
B. Is completely absorbed
C. Is incompletely absorbed
D. Undergoes little first-pass metabolism (p. 16)
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