Posted: July 1st, 2021

Paper due July 3rd 3:00pm ET

1. Clearly identify one or more best practices based on the literature you propose for implementation for your identified topic. 
2. Once you have identified your intervention, look at the Current EBP Models (Chapter 14).  Select the one that would work best for the problem you are trying to solve.  Then discuss the pros and cons of it to implement your identified best practice intervention.
3. Address whether or not there are ethical or cultural considerations of the best practice you are recommending. 
(Remember if you are truly going to integrate interventional changes, what do you need from your organization in order to do this.)

PICOT Question:

Question: Is there a significant decrease in Emergency Department patient length of stay (LOS) for those whose blood was analyzed using POC testing versus those whose blood was analyzed using laboratory testing?

For this section, use page 396 figure 14.5 as a model to show you should be writing the paper. Therefore when writing, you should be writing about what you think should be implemented into practice based off of your PICOT question (look above) and literature review. Therefore the paper should include:
· The implementation into change 
· Evaluation of the process and possible outcomes 
· What would it cost for your facility to implement this change 
· What are your recommendations of how this change can occur 
· Lastly what are the ethical or cultural considerations for this change
There is no page limit, but please remember that the topic needs to be adequately covered.  See the Outline for EBP Papers.docx below for an outline of expectations in the four papers

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