Photosynthesis Light reactions

Posted: February 27th, 2021

Light energy + ____________ �� ATP + _______________ + ________________ Calvin cycle: ATP + ________________ + ________________ �� __________ + ADP + NADP + Light Reactions 1. Light energy from _______________ pigments is passed to chlorophyll a in Photosystem _____. 2. a. A pair of _________________ from chlorophyll a are excited and caught by an ____________________________. b. A water molecule is ________________ to replace the excited ________________. __________ gas is released. 3. The excited electron travels down the _________________________________________. a. The electron transport chain consists of _________________ molecules embedded in the ______________________ membrane. b. As the electrons pass through each __________________ ______________ is released. c. The released __________________ powers the active transport of ___________. d. The high concentration of __________ is stored potential energy. e. Hydrogen ions flow down its concentration gradient through _____________________ which attaches a _________________ to _________ to make ATP. 4. The electrons are re-excited in Photosystem ________. 5. The re-excited electron is passed to the final electron carrier to form _______________. Calvin Cycle 6. In the ____________ of the chloroplast the enzyme rubisco attaches _________ to a 5-carbon intermediate. This step is called ________________ __________________. The new 6-carbon intermediate splits into two 3-carbon molecules. 7. _________ and ______________ from the light reactions are used to reduce the 3-carbon intermediates to _____________; some exit the Calvin Cycle to form _______________. 8. Some product is used to regenerate the 5-carbon intermediate for another __________ to fix. ‘

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