Science report

Posted: July 19th, 2021

The report they will make on this occasion will be based on the taxa indicated IN MY CASE IS THE TAXA GIRAFFA. To do this you need to search for sequences in the Entrez database (Web site to download nucleotide sequences):, in the way I will teach you in the practical work on Thursday, July 15. Note that, to establish taxa phylogeny, they must use the same fragment of the same gene; that is, if they decide to use the cytochrome b gene (1140 bp) they should always use the same 500 bp of the gene, if available, they can also use the entire gene. Since many sequences in GeneBank do not have the same size (even if they are the same gene), it may be incomplete or contain sequences, upstream or downstream of the gene, which do not correspond to the gene being studied by aligning sequences with Geneious software: On this site you will find a trial version that you will need to download and install on your computers. The way they worked with Geneious, I’ll show you in the practice. With this software you will be able to cut the sequences that do not align and perform the phylogenetic analyses required for the report. Since the choice of the gene to be analyzed is not the same, with regard to the gene to be chosen for analysis, keep in mind that genes do not evolve (change) at the same rate, and some do so more quickly, while others do so more slowly. As far as possible, I recommend using a mitochondrial DNA gene, which depending on whether it is the comparison of individuals of the same species, species of the same genus, family, order… etc. should use faster changing genes (such as Region Control or d-loop) or slower (change such as cytochrome b or cytochrome oxidase I or II) or very slow change (such as ribosomal gener 12S or 16S), respectively. If there are no mitochondrial DNA sequences available, they must choose a nuclear gene for study. Another possibility, not mandatory, could be to use more than one gene. In this case, the sequences must be concatenated for each individual, that is, put them in the same order one after the other. The report in question should be in the format of a scientific paper, such as the one I taught them for the chromosome report. The only difference, from the previous one, is that before the references they should briefly indicate what was done by each one. This is a normal practice, in the last time, in scientific articles. For a sample, I leave you an article in which you can review in the Author contributions section (page 19), this aspect. The idea is that they do some of the activities together and others separately but in balance. It should be noted that all the best information on the web is in English, including the information you will find in Entrez and articles that you will need to consult to write your report. Finally, it is important to indicate that the deadline for sending your report to my mail is Thursday, July 22 at 11:59 p.m. The file they will send must be in pdf format (not another As a supplementary material, I leave you some videos available on YouTube on the subject: (minute 56) This is the example of a scientific report mentioned in the indications if you want to take a look at it Requirements: complete

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