Sleep apnea assignment

Posted: May 10th, 2021


  1. Is sleep apnea a positive or negative pressure ventilator? What about Iron lung machine? Explain how the positive and negative pressure ventilators work.



  1. The diameter of each of the five bronchi after the fourth branching is 10 mm. The tidal volume breathed is Q inhaled over 0.5 s. Density of air is 1.2kg/m3 and viscosity is 1.78X10-5 Kg/(m.s). 1 L/s = 0.001 m3/s.
    1. If Re is 1200, explain if the flow be laminar or turbulent. Calculate the magnitude of Q?


  1. Using the same breathing parameters, explain whether flow through the trachea is laminar or turbulent if Re is 4800. Determine the diameter of trachea.



  1. A) What the sense of perception of movement and the positions of the limbs is named?


  1. B) What the respond to mechanical distortion or applied pressure is named?



  1. A prosthetic leg has a mass of 3 kg, with its center of mass X from the knee joint. The radius of gyration is 30 mm and the moment of inertia is 0.3 Kg.m^2. Calculate X.




  1. One issue with myoelectric signals is feedback. Why? Suggest one way in which feedback can be supplied.



  1. The surface tension of water is 72 dyne/cm and the minimum surface tension with lung surfactant is 18 dyne/cm.
    1. Assume a transpulmonary (alveoli to pleural space) pressure drop of 5 cmH2O and determine the smallest alveolar radius if the fluid film is water or water with surfactant.



  1. Compare the dimensions with the reported diameters of human lung alveoli.



  1. Explain how the lung compliance is different in emphysema and fibrosis.

The lung compliance during emphysema is increasing and be high due to the elasticity is lost, in which requires to have more pressure to inflate the lungs by causing the compliance to increase.

Whereas the lung compliance during the fibrosis is decreasing and be low due to the lung scaring and stiffening by causing the compliance the pulmonary edema and the congestion.          


  1. You are designing a new hand prosthetic device where input will be myoelectric signals. What kinds of electrodes would you use for this purpose? 



  1. Explain how targeted muscle reinnervation is applied to control the arm prosthesis.

By regrading the residual nerves from the amputated arm to the pectoral muscles, in which allowing the muscles to reinvent and to create a physiological surface for the myoelectric control signals, that are responsible to generate the functions such as the actual arm.


  1. What is the benefit of using injectable myoelectric sensors?


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