Posted: July 1st, 2021

Virtuous Business Model
DeVoe School of Business
Indiana Wesleyan University – National & Global
Dr. Mark Brooker

The virtuous leader interacts with the world through the personal, spiritual, and professional domains.

The personal domain values people as created in the image of God.

Therefore, a virtuous leader should be respectful, relational in attitude, and reconciling when differences exist.

The spiritual domain values attitudes and actions that demonstrate character, critical thinking, and courage.

The professional domain values integrity, inclusiveness, and seeks to inspire.

The virtuous organization seeks to improve society by building social capital, spiritual capital, and economic capital.

Social capital is built through service that is both sincere and supportive of stakeholders.

Spiritual capital results from compassionate and creative behavior centered on core values.

Finally, economic capital results from the proficient and principled behaviors used in a profound manner:

Not all opportunities that can be seized should be.

The virtuous leader is profound and knows the difference between the two

Use in the DBA program
How does the model apply to my problem?
2) How does the model apply to me?
3) How do I apply the model to the business world?
4) How do I apply the model to my life activities?

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